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Product Description

As a kind of botanical slimming medicine, Zhen de Shou is originated in the old and mysterious primitive forest of Shenlongjia in China. A few experts found that this crategus pinnatifida has magic effect for slimming. In Shennongjia Natural Reserve, tourists can taste and smell bean curd cooked in water with fairy leaves. Local people are all familiar with the experience that if a person eats fairy leaves for a week; he will reduce weight by 1.5-4 kg!Are you still thinking about your weight loss revolution? Take actions right now with Zhen De Shou!


safflower, gingko-nut, cassia seed and spirulina (luoxuanzao in Chinese), konjac

Effective ingredient and content: Flavone

1. On the first day you will feel the rapid heating in your belly.
2. At the night of the first day you will feel fat on eight side of the belly is trembling slightly.
3. In the morning of the second day, you go to water closet and all the wastes converted from fat will be discharged. You will feel that you are relaxed.
4. On the third day, all the deposited fat in gut and blood vessel will be discharged.
5. On the morning of the fifth day you will find your face has become vital and beautiful. What a pleasant surprise!
6. On the sixth day you will feel that your whole body has been vitalized by a strong qi. The process of fat decomposition is progressing rapidly. Measuring your waistline, you will find that your waistline has been reduced by 25 cm, and your weight has been reduced by 2.55 kg.

Outcome of clinical trialc
1. Meeting the requirements of WHO and FDA concerning slimming.
2. It can rapidly reduce subcutaneous fat and fat around internal organs.
3. After taking 3 boxes, the slimmer can have his/her waistline reduced by 8.8 cm on average.
4. On the average, weight can be reduced by 6 kg after the slimmer has taken two boxes. Effective rate (weight reduction >5%) is above 90%, apparent weight reduction >10% is over 70%.

[Specification] 250 mg capsules×10 capsules/ packet / box

[Usage] one capsule a time in a day, half an hour before breakfast

[Caution] Children, pregnant women, lactating mothers, people with serious diseases must not take this medicine.

[Storage] Sealed and put in a cool and dry place

[Shelf Life] 2 years

[Approval Code] WSZZ (2003) No.0568

[Executive Standard] Q/BM 01-2003

[Supervisor] Guangzhou Liuzhimei Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

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