P57 Hoodia Slimming Soft Gel

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Product Description

In the Kalahari desert of southern Africa, there is a native plant,that's cactus. And the extract that has been extracted from cactus is called P57 Hoodia. Studies have proved that it can control appetite by up to 2000 calories a day.

The effective ingredient is known as P57, and our Soft-Gel Capsules contain the highest ratio available (20:1) on the market today.

Combined with a mixture of evening primrose, semen cassia, and lotus leaf, the P57 will make you feel full and less hungry, burn fat and accelerate your metabolism rate.

Ingredients: 20: 1 Hoodia Cactus, P57, Evening Primrose, Semen Cassia, Lotus Leafs

[Specification] 240mg×30 capsules

[Usage and Dosage] 1-2 capsules before meal, with 350cc water

[Suitable group] Simply obesity, post partum fat, people who can't get slimming neither by diet nor exercise.

[Caution] Unsuitable for children, pregnant women and people who has heat disease, high blood pressure or cerebrovascular disease

[Shelf Period] 24 months

[Storage] Place in airproof, shady and dry condition. Keep out of the reach of children.

[Producing Standard] GB16740-1997

[Producer] HuiKing Pharmaceutical

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